Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Rimbaud's poetry - revisit

A little revisit to a poet that Vincent chose to speak about. We have had a comment sent to us which may be of interest as it includes another translation of the poem Vowels.....

George Dance said...
I've written my own translation of Rimbaud's "Vowels", which IMO compares favourably to the others extant, Allow me to give your readers a link.



  1. I thought it was a fine translation. George managed to keep the same rhyme scheme and scansion and created a very poetic English version whilst remaining remarkably faithful to the original. That's extremely difficult to do. I wonder though why he chose to say Black A rather than A Black, etc. I would have preferred Rimbaud's original order on the first line, although either would do thereafter.

  2. Mr. Smith was courteous enough to leave the same kind words, and mild criticism, on my blog as well. I replied to him there, and shan't bore your readers with that. I would like to add that I have recently licensed my translations of Rimbaud's works (just Voyelles and Roman, so far) under Creative Commons: meaning that, while they are copyrighted, anyone may copy them for free and without asking permisson.