Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Estonia Poetry revisit

Just to follow on from Ian's speech on Estonian poet Gustav Suits here is a small article on the poem on the Independance Monument in Tallinn.

The Poem on Eesti Vabadussammas
The poem in full can be found here ,but only...

The first part of the poem on the monument :

Tõsta lipp! Las aja käänul
lehvib tõotus tuulte väänul
üle mandri, üle vee:
tund on tulnud vannet vandu,
ei iial enam andu
ikke alla rahvas see!

quite untranslatable
word by word.

the main idea
that this (see)
nation (rahvas)
will vow
(in the poem 'tund (the hour)
on tulnud (has come)
vannet (the oath in 3rd form)
vandu (to vow)')
never (iial)
to be occupied
by anyone
any more
('andu ikke alla'
- really old
and poetic
way to say
'not be occupied').

Thank you to Katrin for this and her blog and more poems and such like can be found here

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