Tuesday, 12 November 2013

'Lost' novel by war poet FW Harvey 'a jewel of a find'

As we'll be focusing on war poets next year I thought this was interesting on the BBC News website:

'Lost' novel by war poet FW Harvey 'a jewel of a find'
A previously unknown novel by a celebrated World War One poet has been described as a "jewel of a find".

Frederick William Harvey is remembered for his poetry and acts of bravery during the Great War, when he was captured and attempted daring escapes.

Full Article:


Monday, 23 September 2013

Updates - Calendar and Shop Links

Hi all,

a couple of quick updates. I have started to update the Calendar to include events where our members are performing. If you have something to submit please do so.

I have also added a Shop section to the Links page which gives you links where you can buy work from our members. Please let me know if you have amendments/updates.

From Terry:

The Korova Arts Café is starting a continuous three month cycle of Storytelling, Poetry and Prose to take place on the first Tuesday of each month. It’s kicking off with Storytelling in October and Prose will be in December.

November will be Poetry and I’ve been asked to arrange the evening which happens to fall on the 5th and that’s too tempting to ignore.

But what is it we’re celebrating on Bonfire Night? Is it Guy Fawkes?  I’m saying that it isn’t and that what we’re celebrating is what civilisations over the years have always celebrated which is Fire or the Night.

So, I’m asking you to bring a poem which makes sense now. A new reason to have a Bonfire Night.

This is part of a poem written some years ago to give a sense of where I would go:

Gagarin Night

Guy Fawkes is dead,
born Fifteen Seventy,
died thirty years ago,
sometime in late September.

Over the road they’re having a bonfire,
November the twelfth,
the only day they’re free
and the Council prefers Friday,
something about transport.

So what’s the point?
Wrapping up, roasting chestnuts,
remember, remember, the 5th of November,
gunpowder, treason and what

is the point of the night?

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Preston Arts Festival (Provisional Events)

Preston Arts Festival starts on the 20th September.

Here are some of the events Preston Poets will be performing in and attending:

Event No 1
Light Night Friday September 20th at the Mystery Tea House 6 to 9 pm (time TBC)
Poetry reading – music from Preston Flute group -  possibly another act.  This is very informal.
Event No 2
Tuesday 24th Sept 7.30 to 10 pm Central Methodist Church, Lune Street
Poetry and Melody – Alternate interludes from Preston Poets’ Society and musicians from Penwortham Girls High School.
Event No 3
Friday 27th Sept 7.30 to 10 pm St George’s Church Hall, Lune Street
A Celebration of Words and Music
Preston Poets’ Society and Preston Recorded Music Society members will each read a poem of their own choice on any theme and bring a piece of recorded music with some connection to the poem.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Local Events

Harris Flights, Preston Flag Market,
Saturday 24th August
4Poets and Special Musical Guests

11:00 – 11:30 4poets The History of Lancashire
12:00 – 12:45 Crossbill - 3 piece alt/folk band
13:00 – 13:45 4poets Around the Lancashire Landscape
13:00 – 14:45 Tom Metcalfe -singer/songwriter
15:00 - 15:45 Tom Woolsgrove - violinist with Blackpool Symphony Orchestra
16:00 – 16:30 4poets Finale

Brockholes, PR5 0AG
All Day Event Monday 26th August

Music (Free) On Concourse
11:00-11:45 Crossbill
11:45-12:30 Tom Metcalfe
15:45-16:30 Sweeney

11:00-12:30 Talks (Free) In Woods
Peter Dillon-fairy tales
Frank Pierow-nature

12:30-13:30 Magic (ticketed) Conference Centre Magi’Chris
14:00-15:30 Poetry (ticketed) Conference Centre
14:00 Abdul Dawood
14:15 Nick Williams
14:30 William Michael Neary
14:45 Lorna Smithers
15:00 Dean Fraser
15:15 Terry Quinn
Followed by book
signing by Terry Quinn

Monday, 15 July 2013

Events This Week

We have three events to look forward to this week in Preston. Here is a quick summary for you:

Tuesday 16th July - Korova Arts Cafe, Wilfrid Street, Preston, 7.30 p.m.
Here is a Map

Thursday 18th July - Penwortham Library, 6.00 p.m. to 6.50 p.m.
4 Poets & A Stage
Irene Flack, Dean Fraser, Lorna Smithers and Nick Williams. performing FREE for your entertainment
Here is a Map

Thursday 18th July - 7.30 p.m.
Preston Poets Society Meeting
St George's Church at the bottom of Lune Street
Here is a Map

Also Upcoming:

Competition Deadline: Closing : 31.7.13.
Liverpool International Open Short Story, Poetry & Playwriting Competition 2013.  The catchy title says it all: the contest is for short stories, poems and plays.  It is brought to you by the University of Liverpool Creative Writing Society for Lifelong Learning.  As this is Liverpool’s ‘Year of Dementia’, the competition is in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society (£1 per entry will be donated).  Stories should be limited to 2,000 words, poems to 40 lines and plays to 20 minutes.
Prizes (in each category): 1st - £200.  2nd - £50.  3rd - £20 in book tokens.
Entry Fee: Poetry and Prose - £4 for the first, £3.50 thereafter.  Plays - £6 for the first, £5.50 thereafter.
Click Here for Details

New Event - September 21st - Astley Hall, Chorley
The Word
The Word have confirmed they are organising a second event to follow on from last years event. The line-up this year includes Carol Birch, Peter Moore, Zoe Lambert, Ned & Ed Book Designers.
Here for Details

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Google Alerts - Free and Simple

Have you won a competition and want to keep watch on the news headlines for mentions of it? Do you have a particular poet or author you which to keep track of, and not just from their official website?
Do you want to scan the internet for your own name, or website, on a regular basis, just in case?

Using the free Google Alerts service you can set up email alerts that will notify you on a regular basis on the search criteria you specify.

For example, you could set-up an alert for Preston Poets in a couple of clicks.

If you go to: http://www.google.co.uk/alerts you will see 5 boxes that you need to fill in. The first box is the search term, and this works in exactly the same way as a normal Google Search works (put quotes in for an exact phrase, use the plus and minus signs to include and exclude keywords).

In the second box you specify if you want to search the whole internet, or just News headlines. In the third box you set how often you want the alert to come to you (daily, weekly, monthly), in the fourth you specify the number of results you want to see in your email and finally you tell it which email address you want it to send the results to.

The important part is you do not have to have a GMail account, you can send alerts to any email address. There is no login, signup or anything like that required.

To stop receiving alerts each email that is sent to you has a Cancel link in it.

If you ware worried about receiving lots of emails please note you will only receive an email if a search result if found. If no news is published for "Preston Poets", or whatever your search term is, you will not receive an email until a day when it is triggered.

It is a very simple but very useful tool.


Friday, 28 June 2013

Book Launch - 16th July, Korova Arts Cafe

Terry Quinn, winner of the Geoff Stevens' Memorial Prize, will be launching his latest collection, The Amen of Knowledge, in Preston in July.

Date: 16th July

Time: 7-30pm

Venue Address: Korova Arts Cafe, 15-16 St Wilfrid's Street, Preston, PR1 2US

Friday, 21 June 2013

Saved by Dropbox* (*Other software is available)

Just a few weeks ago I was all set for just my fourth public performance. I had a wad of poems printed off ready to read, all themed around slightly adult issues. French Kissing, Losing my Virginity, The Perils of Binge Drinking, all masterpieces in their own right.
I stepped up to the stage, carefully double-checking the order of my poems, then looked up to my expectant audience. I was somewhat surprised to see that the front two rows were sitting cross-legged, chin on hands, and looking as if they had just been beamed in from a school hall. Kids, and small kids at that. I’m left on the stage in limbo, all my material is unusable and I’m not quick enough to edit as I read.
Without Dropbox this is where I would have had to walk off the stage muttering apologies. With Dropbox I was able to whip out my phone, find a suitable poem and then download it in seconds, read it, find the next poem and repeat. My work may not have been the best but at least I was able to deliver something to my audience.
Every piece of work I have created I have available on Dropbox and I can access it via my laptop, tablet, phone, even from an internet café or a hotel. It is simple to set-up, use and maintain and works across different platforms.
I installed the software on my laptop where I keep all my work. It creates a folder, anything you drop into that folder is then copied up into ‘The Cloud’, that storage place in the internet that exists nowhere and everywhere at the same time.
I moved all my work into the folder then went for a few drinks whilst it was synched with my internet connection. Now, after this simple step any time I edit or add a file on my laptop then it automatically copies the changes up to the cloud.
The next step was to add my tablet. Again, a simple step. Install the software, tell it my username and password, then leave it connected to the internet for a while to synchronise. Now I can edit a file on either device and the changes are replicated between them.
Then I added my phone, an Android based one, and using OpenOffice on the phone I can read and edit my Microsoft Word documents.
Finally, once you have signed up you can access your documents anywhere from an internet browser. Hotels, cafes, airports, all are now available to me to be creative and keep my work secure. You get a chunk of free space which is more than enough for a few thousand Word (or similar) documents. I have 3.300 files in my dropbox comprising of documents, a couple of movie clips, lots of pictures I have found interesting on the internet and plenty of photos I have taken.
Naturally you should still take backups of your work, either onto USB sticks or onto DVD’s and store them safely, but Dropbox as a tool for someone who likes to be able to read and write anywhere has transformed my writing life.
 (There are now many similar pieces of software that will do the same as Dropbox, but I do love the simplicity of it.)
you can find it at: www.dropbox.com

PS - If you have received multiple notifications of this post huge apologies. I'm tucked up in a nice little cottage in Wales with about half a bar signal on my phone, which reminds me. Download your content from Dropbox first when you have a good internet connection, otherwise it is painful if you struggle with a signal.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Blue Plaques in Preston

You may not be aware of all of the Blue Plaques that are dotted around Preston.Here are a couple for local poets:
Robert William Service
Francis Thompson

The official Blue Plaque site needs some work on it so here is a useful site that lists the Blue Plaques by major locations:

And here is a direct link straight to those in Preston

Monday, 10 June 2013

Live Venues

There seems to be a revival currently in Preston of performance venues, where you can both hear and take part in readings and open-mic sessions.

Here are a few venues you can check out. If you have any suggestions for others then please let me know.

62 Friargate, Preston

15-16 St Wilfred Street, Preston, PR1 2US

The Continental
South Meadow Lane, Preston, PR1 8JP

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Book Launch - The Amen of Knowledge by Terry Quinn

You can find Terry's blog here: http://terryquinnpoetryuk.blogspot.co.uk/

Entry: free
Open Mic Event
Winners of the Geoff Stevens Memorial Prize Julie Maclean ( When I saw Jimi ) and Terry Quinn ( The Amen of Knowledge ) launch their collections on the 8th June at The Barlow Theatre. Julie lives on the Surf Coast, Australia but was born and grew up in Bristol and this retrospective collection sparks through those times. Terry lives in Preston, Lancashire and his everyday language covering ordinary subject matters have a subtext which has become the hallmark of his poetry.

Together they will attempt to find common ground when they tackle similar issues from their books but will also read separately and there will be open mic slots throughout the afternoon.

The prize was instigated by Indigo Dreams Publishing in commemoration of Geoff Stevens, editor of Purple Patch ( national treasure, the Guardian ) Black Country poet and artist and after a break for refreshments Geoff’s poetry and artwork will be on display with selections from his poetry being read. There will also be an open mic for his poet friends to add to their memories with poetry readings.

The event starts at 2-00pm (doors open at 1-00pm) with the evening session beginning at 7-00pm.
Venue Details:
at Barlow Theatre - 2.00pm

Address: 3, Spring Walk, Olbury, B69 4SP, GB

Friday, 17 May 2013

Contemporary Poets

Last night we were introduced to, or reminded of, some contemporary poets by our fellow members:

Martin presented us with David Horner, a children's poet and educator.
Lorna presented us with Robin Herne and Charlotte Hussey, contemporary using bardic traditions.
Terry presented us with Alice Oswald, a British poet who won the T.S. Eliot prize in 2002.
Vince presented us with Christopher Reed,  twice nominated for the Whitbread Awards.
Mike presented us with Billy Collins, Poet Laureate of the United States 2001 to 2003.

Many thanks for their input and please use the links above to find out more on these poets.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Quick Message

Hope the New Year has started well for you all.

The new calendar is now available at the top (under the logo) for you to peruse.

Also please remember that we have now started meeting on the 3rd Thursday at St George's Church.