Thursday, 26 April 2012

Preston Guild Update

A lot has already happened this year to do with the Guild and a lot more in the future. The Poets Guild Publication is almost ready to be printed... after being edited , re-edited and a lot of work being poured into it. I will post details on here when it is published.

One big Guild event that happened over Easter was the Preston Passion, which was a contemporary retelling of the Passion story. This was not just a Preston event but a national event too as it was shown live on BBC around the country. (Here is a clip of the rehershals and a news report on it here and also some about it here

There are many more events (and of course our publication) to look forward to. A what's on guide can be found here . One of the events I am entering is a 5k at the start of next month, but there are many other events including the Young Musician which starts soon and G-volution music festival.