Friday, 5 October 2012

Runners up Poem 2: Score after Score by Tom Hicks

The merchants of Preston are still on a roll
All thanks to King Henry the second.
He recognised vision and purpose and soul,
A future through which glory beckoned;
Believed that that future would virtues define,
Would underpin commerce with values divine,
Keep priest town and Preston linked firmly in line
Which works out today as he reckoned.

Saints Walburge and John point heavenwards each spire,
Both markers for faith in the city
Whose history, industry, culture inspire
Its citizens, hardworking, gritty,
We boast about Cromwell who battled nearby.
Of spinning and weaving; remember the cry,
‘Come on Finney!’ Alas, retire, so we sigh,
‘Harry Duckworth please soothe with sweet choir!’

Close hugged by the Ribble and beautiful parks
Where Easter eggs roll by the river,
Where concerts and pageants have all made their marks,
Trees backing with shimmy and shiver.
Here we bask in the sunshine, cool in the shade,
Give thanks to our forbears for all they have made,
Thank God for the glorious world there displayed
For joys these dear places deliver.

So each twenty years we will let down our hair,
Rejoice with King Henry our donor;
With mixed population together we share
Celebrations – none be a loner.
The Mayor leads the way with a calendar filled
With marvellous goodies which keep us all thrilled,
‘Hooray’ then for Henry; our wonderful Guild,
Bless our city, Proud Preston the fair!

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