Friday, 2 April 2010

Why am I here?

Why am I here
they keep asking me
and I have asked myself
so many times

And I have asked myself
in many places
looking in each corner for the truth
but if there was any it had seemingly gone

I once tried looking in Valhalla
but it was snowed up
and it was definately closed
what can that tell me about life?

Another time viewing beauty
in all the scenic landscapes
but the loveliness soon escaped me
fading like a dreamlike memory

And yet again trying to find "the zone" in cities
with the bustling busy backstreets
which are full of tourist facts and figures
the only meaning told through friendly faces

I thought maybe I was here to spend all my money
I tried that once
buying ice lollipops in the snow
but still hang onto 5 EEKs in my wallet

Maybe I am here to keep a promise
Something that would hold me duty bound
but even a this has no meaning
without a currency behind it

Finally it occured it was a subconcious thought
the mallard duck's wing flashing
its colours of here and now
but surely one would be foolish chasing birds?

So why am i here?

A friend asks just before I leave
If I had done everything I wanted
and Yes.

I saw you again.

by Ian (mallard in helsinki)

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