Sunday, 1 November 2009

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

201’s ajar, a slant of light:
the eye of a nightmare.
Giant sunflower broken
on the landing;
petals on the stairs.
Children traumatized:
8-year-old Mary
corkscrew golden hair,
torn dress; yellow
petal in hand -
leaning by the door:
washed out, blood drained.

Jane 7, ripped skirt;
hair rippling upwards:
no apples in the cheek -
just a face of grief.
The sunflower a crucified
Christ cut down from heaven.

Someone’s dying out
of frame in room 209.
In 207 a raven’s pecked
out teddy’s brown eyes.
Outside a snowstorm;
and the virgins are the
bone-chimes of tomorrow

by Peter Lewin

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